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Sandel DeMastus

Graduate of Sammamish High School 1966. 2 years of college at Bellevue Community College.

In late 60's early 70's I worked with Song Writer Producers Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart who

produced the Monkee's Television Show doing Marketing and Advertising. About 30 years off and

on of promotion in Entertainment field.


I also have put on countless big fund raisers with entertainers for children. Including The Children

from Chernobyl who came in for medical treatment and stayed with host families. I was Secretary

on their board for little over 10 years.


I'm also chairman of Diversity Group in Renton. Formerly Human Rights. 4 years as chair and 7 years

altogether.  And I'm on the marketing committee for Channel 77 and an Independent producer with

Puget Sound Access/channel 77. My FireFighters documentary for Renton is up for The Best of The

NW Video Awards for 2007.

Sandel DeMastus

2nd Vice President and Past President