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On Saturday, December 16, the Renton Highlands experienced a severe windstorm, which cut off the electric power in most of the Highlands for several days. Fortunately, the Highlands Community Center at 800 Edmonds Ave NE had power and we were able to go forward with our Christmas celebration. Approximately, 400 people attended.


Mayor Koelker, Chief Daniels, City Council President Randy Corman and Councilmember Marci Palmer attended the party.  Santa arrived in a fire truck with lights flashing and sirens blowing.  Norma McQuiller, the City's neighborhoods coordinator,  was dressed as Santa’s little elf, and what a good helper she was!  Live music was provided by the official HCA band, Hank & Eulene's Ozark Band.


A lady approached me concerning her freezing children. I spoke to the Mayor, Marci Palmer and Chief Daniels about this problem; and they responded by setting up the Community Center as a shelter for families in the Renton Highlands who were suffering from the power outages. On the following day, the shelter was filled with people. Neighbors brought hot coffee and food. Even the fire fighters expressed their appreciation for the coffee and cookies, because they had been working long hours with no breaks.


Our HCA President, Terry Persson and his wife donated their large coffee maker and coffee. In addition, Terry called on Senior Citizens to see if they needed help.


The storm brought the community together, and everyone wanted to help in some way. KIRO Radio asked Chief Daniels and me to be on the air to explain the situation. The Fire Department brought cots and blankets.  Young adults volunteered to pick up the Senior Citizens, bring them to the Center, and return them to their homes. Thanks to the City of Renton and the neighborhood residents, it turned out to be a great Christmas.


Reporter:  Sandel DeMastus

Editor:  Shirley Gaunt-Smith