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If you don't belong to the Highlands Community Association (HCA), join as fast as you can. That $10 will be the best $10 you've ever spent, unless you are a business owner, in which case it will be best $25 you've ever spent.    --->  Membership Form

About the HCA

The HCA is non partisan and functions as a neighborhood association. As such, it educates the Public about issues of concern and does not endorse political candidates or contribute money to political parties or political campaigns.

The HCA membership identified these issues as being most important to them:   --->   ISSUES

And, of course, Highlands redevelopment is of prime interest to HCA members. Here is a link to the "HCA 14-Points Plan."    --->   14 POINTS PLAN

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The HCA was founded over ten years ago. It's mission is to influence both the community and the city for good; and this list of accomplishments speaks to the organization's effectiveness.    --->   ACCOMPLISHMENTS